Hi There!

KNOWN Goods Co was born out of a desire to bring more curiosity + connection to the world.

And hi, I am Paige, the artist behind KNOWN Goods Co and along with my partner, Jon, we run this concrete ship (not really a boat).

We were looking for a material that would last and stand the test of time.  When we experimented with concrete we were amazed at how versatile and beautiful the material was. And the experimenting has not stopped.  Our goal is to create concrete goods for your space, to make space. And we are constantly trying to spark a little curiosity in the world. 

All of our products are handmade in small batches. We design, mix, pour, seal and ship from our studio in Grand Rapids, MI. It’s really fun!

Eco-friendly Practices

We chose to work with a concrete material that is partly recycled and generates 95% less air pollution and 97% less water pollution than the concrete produced by other leading manufacturers. 

Once the piece is made, it gets packed with recyclable or recycled packaging before it’s sent out the door to its new home. Our tissue paper and tape even plant trees! We reuse and recycle the broken and sad pieces as often as we can.

Product Spotlight: One of our favorite ways we are trying to fight for a better impact on the planet is through our Arch Candle. It comes complete with a drainage hole. This way when the candle burns all the way through you can plant a little plant baby for continued enjoyment! Rather than tossing a great vessel we’ve given it a second life.