Deck of Delight

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At the start of quarantine I was feeling pretty heavy and didn’t know how to help. So I asked the question,  ‘what in this season is bringing you delight?’ (I asked it because I needed the reminder) and so many people said so many beautiful things. 

It has been a life long goal to illustrate a deck of cards and so I turned all the answers into playing cards and created the Deck of Delight. A reminder to play and to delight (and to still feel the feelings, it all gets to exist!)

KNOWN (our table top game) came from a place of curiosity and the desire for connection and so did these cards. Thank you to everyone you sent in a delight! 

The cards are pay-what-you-want (to print and ship them costs $10 a deck but if 10 is too much, I would still love to send you one!) If you need any price adjustment just send me a message!!  Delight is to be shared. 

Thanks for all the delight and the connection. 😘 I hope you are finding it too!